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Why Fractional Laser

We are introducing the SmartXide Dot system, fractional CO2 laser to the Waikato. The treatment can be done at either Jeunesse Medspa or at Well Womens Clinics in Rostrevor St.

This is fast-recovery laser treatment for the reduction of the effects of sun and aging, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring on areas such as the face including the eye area, neck, and hands. The fractional laser is delivered using the DOT therapy system. This is where the energy is focused on a pre-determined network of points, negating the need to treat the entire skin surface. The benefit of this is that the effects of the treatment, redness, swelling and discomfort, last only a few days as opposed to months like before. These effects can also be masked with cosmetics immediately. DOT therapy is characterised by hundreds of small rays of laser energy that pierce the skin surface, naturally stimulating the body to produce collagen. This in effect visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles, scarring and pigmentation.

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